Rayuka: Update’s for 2018

So it’s been a while since I posted anything but here the updates.

So here a few announcements revolving around my YouTube channel rayuka gaming etc.

I will be continuing to do unboxings on the channel revolving around Collector’s Editions games but the unboxing videos will be alot less possibly.

After all Collector’s Editions are pricey and Collector’s Edition of games has to sort of Peak my interest for me to buy and unbox.

Now as for the games that I will be streaming there’s are a few so I figured I will put a list here of the games that I know I will be streaming on the YouTube channel at some point in the future there’s no set date on when the livestreams will happen but they will happen soon.

So here my idea list of games that I will stream in 2017/2018.

Batman: The Enemy Within✔

Destiny 2 Second DLC✔

Just Cause 3 ✔

And much more so this list is to be continued..

So yeah that’s pretty much it for now I wanted to give a update to my audience that subscribe to my YouTube channel or follows me on Twitter or is just wondering what’s going on.. Well there you go!!

So until next time everyone thanks for visiting and Sayonara!! 🏯


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