Rayuka: Update’s, Announcement & More!

So it’s been a while since I posted anything on the site and I’m sorry in advance..

I’ve been busy as of late.

Well I want to make a few announcements revolving around my YouTube channel rayuka gaming.

I will be continuing to stream a lot more gaming content on the channel and it will revolve around different games not just Resident Evil though I love the games but I want to add variety and change it up a bit.

There will be a point in time though rather if it’s sooner or later that i won’t be uploading as much due to the schedule of stuff in my personal life of course.

I will be continuing to do unboxings on the channel revolving around Collector’s Editions games but the unboxing videos won’t be as frequent as in the past.

After all Collector’s Editions are pricey and Collector’s Edition of games has to sort of Peak my interest for me to buy and unbox.

Though I have lot of old collectors editions of games from back in the day i will be unboxings my old Collector’s Editions of games.

Now as for my twitch streams I know I haven’t stream on Twitch for a while now so I plan on at some point in the future to stream again on Twitch there’s just no set date or time on when that will happen but if you follow me on Twitter you will most likely know then and there when I am streaming on Twitch or if you watching one of my YouTube videos and I’m streaming on Twitch there should be some sort of notification on the video showing that I am streaming on Twitch but for now I will most likely be streaming more on YouTube for now.

Now as for gaming reviews on the channel there will probably be more less gaming reviews I sort of lost the drive to do reviews but that doesn’t mean I won’t do reviews in the future it just means for now the games reviews are in the air.

Now as for the games that I will be streaming there’s are quite a few so I figured I will put the list here of the games that I know I will be streaming on the YouTube channel at some point in the future there’s no set date on when the streams will happen but they will happen soon.

So here my idea list of games that I will stream in 2016/2017 Beyond.

Walking Dead Season 1✔

Walking Dead season 2✔

Walking Dead season 3✔

Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition✔

Wolf Among Us✔

Last of Us remastered✔

Onechanbara ZII Chaos✔

Resident Evil HD✔

Resident Evil 0 HD✔

Resident Evil Revelations 2 – Single player Story mode✔

And much more so this list is to be continued..

UPDATE: Resident Evil Revelations 2 collaboration live Stream cancel due to there not being online co-op for story mode but me and azurenova have decided to play another game to make up for resident evil revelations 2 live stream collaboration cancellation.

Collaboration game that was played Tomb Raider Temple of Osiris✔

So yeah that’s pretty much it for now I wanted to give a update to my audience that subscribe to my YouTube channel or follows me on Twitter or is just wondering what’s going on.. Well there you go!

So until next time everyone thanks for visiting and Sayonara! 🏯